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My introduction

  1. About me
  2. What my blog will be about
  3. My blog posts

Hello, my name is Olivia Crandall.

I am from Massachusetts and recently moved to Florida for school. I have supportive parents, an older brother, and a cat, Tipsy.

About me

I played volleyball in high school which I loved. I like to read, write and paint. I recently got back into reading, mainly romance books. Along with that, I try to journal each night, it’s very therapeutic. I hope to look back at my entries and laugh. I started college so it’s gonna be an interesting journey. I enjoy the gym and am excited to form a routine again.

It was hard leaving friends. I was the first to leave for college which was quite emotional. Below is a picture of my main group of friends, this photo was actually taken my last night in MA.

Back home I would paint and customize shoes. As I have recently moved, the hobby has been put on pause. These are some shoes I have customized for friends.

What my blog will be about

My blog will consist of

  • Interviews
  • Reflections
  • Interesting stories
  • Reviews

My blog posts

‘Robot Shoes’ article by Newsy: My Opinion

Opinion on “‘Robot Shoes’ Could Help Humans Walk As We Age” Newsy Article There are products being produced and sold to help ease the life of everyday people. From hearing aids, prosthetic legs, to the simple back scratcher and pill organizer. Some of which we didn’t even know we needed or might need. Newsy posted…

Salem Witch Trials -Newsy

I watched the Newsy video Haunted America: The Salem Witch Trials, posted on October 26, 2021. Between 1692 and 1693, the Salem Witch Trials found at least 19 people guilty of crimes relating to witchcraft. The punishment was death by hanging. In total, over 200 people were accused of being a witch.  At that time, the…

Explorations of

Organization At the top of Newsy it’s super organized with options for News, Investigations, Documentaries, Shows and Schedule and Where to Watch. The several options provide helpful organization making it easier to find different sources. Along with several categories they display the days of the week. When clicked on it displays the time of day…

2 responses to “My introduction”

  1. Hey Olivia, I’m intrigued to see what’s to come about from your page. I like that your blog will include reflections in addition to everything else it has to offer. I’m a big shoe person myself I work at Nike and I’m a huge dunks kind of guy and I also admire the creativity and time you put into your customs. Last but not least congrats on stepping out of your safety net and welcome to Florida I hope your journey is filled with success in multiple ways!


  2. Hey Olivia! Those shoes you painted are so sick, I love that you have that as a hobby. I also like to paint but I haven’t done much recently. I’d love to see more of your art. Also welcome to Florida!


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